Select a theme by going to Distribution -> " Podcast Website". This article will outline how to customize Waves and Elegant, including:

To customize your theme (Waves or Elegant), please go to the Theme Editor through Distribution -> " Podcast Website" -> "Customize"

With the current theme editor, you can view the site in real-time while editing. You will be able to switch to different pages to edit. Don’t forget to click the “Save Now” button at the top-right corner to save all your changes. 


1. Design

When entering the theme editor page, you will find the design section at the upper-left corner, then click “Design”. You are able to change the theme mode, font, secondary font, player color, and upload a favicon. Besides, you can choose different player styles for your podcast and decide to add the player sound waves over the player or not.

  • Mode

There are two modes you can choose either “light” or “dark”. These will change the main tone of the whole theme.

  • Player Style

            There are two types of player styles: Style1 & Style2.

  • Player Sound Waves

You can choose to show or hide the player sound waves. At this time, due to iOS blocking the sound waves, it won't show in iOS Safari or iOS Chrome browsers. If you decide to show it, this is how it looks like:

If you are done with this part, you can click ”Done” to leave this section, or you can go back to the original settings by clicking the button “Reset to default”.

 Customizations include the font color, background color, search, and navigation links.

  • Search

            You can decide to show or hide the search box in the navigation bar.

  •  Navigation links

You can decide what to include in the navigation menu. Choices include external links (links to any site you’d like), pages (that you create in Podbean), seasons (if you publish in seasons and use this tag when publishing an episode they will be shown accordingly here), tags (any tags you set up in Podbean when publishing). Click “Add” to add a new navigation link. You can customize the text that shows with the link by typing that in the “text” field.

Drag the six dots on the left side to re-order the navigation links. Or drag one into another; the one you drag in then becomes a drop-down under the other link. It is possible to move a link only if you see the box.

In this section, you can change the font color and background color. You can also upload a banner image if you’re using the Waves theme. 

By default, your site header image will show on mobile devices but it is not responsive so it may be cut off when viewing on different devices. Therefore, we recommend you upload a mobile background image (see "home page header settings"; you will find the recommended sizing and can upload the optional mobile background image there).

4. Episode Layout

To change the episode layout, please click the “Edit” button in the episode section. 

  • Episode list type

           Here, you can select different ways to display your episodes, in a list format or a grid.

  • Episodes per page

           You can choose how many episodes you want to display on one page.

For the additional sections, you can move them up and down by clicking the arrow buttons next to the edit button.

5. Custom Sections

Click the “+” button in the middle of the dotted line to add a custom section. There are three kinds of custom sections: text only, text with an image on the left, and text with an image on the right. You can edit the section after adding it. You can write an introduction or add anything you want to tell your audience.

You can move the sections up and down by clicking the arrow buttons right beside the edit button. Please note that you can add five custom sections at most. Meanwhile, you are able to delete any of them or change the order by clicking the buttons right beside the edit button on each section. 

In this section, you are able to edit alignment, font color, background color, copyright, and your social media buttons.

  • Alignment

You can choose two types of alignment which are "Justified Alignment" and "Centered Alignment".

  • Copyright

In this part, you can input text to show copyright. You can also set this up in your Dashboard>>Settings>>General>>More Options>>Copyright. Either place you input the information, it will carry over to the other.

  • Social media links

You can input your social media links here. Options include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

If you are done with this part, you can click ”Done” to leave this section, or you can go back to the original settings by clicking the button “Reset to default”.

Don’t forget to click the “Save Now” button at the top-right corner to save all your changes.