The closed captions will show on the podcast website, embedded players, the Podbean app, and the Podbean pro app.  Please follow the steps below to add closed captions to your episodes.

1. From your Podcast Dashboard, go to "Episodes"->"Episodes List".

2. Click the “Closed Captions” button on the right side of the podcast to which you wish to add the transcripts.


3. There are two options for you to add the transcripts to your episode. You can let Podbean have the episodes automatically transcribed for you or you can manually upload your SRT file if you already have a transcript.

4. When you select to have Podbean auto-transcribe the episode for you, the cost will be $0.20 per minute. You will need to enter your card information to authorize the payment if you have not authorized this before. 

*Note if you select automated transcription, there may be errors especially in situations of varying audio quality or with proper names, unusual pronunciations, etc. You understand that this is an automated transcription service and that you can edit the file as needed. The service is non-refundable once you’ve ordered a transcript, regardless of errors.


5. Once authorized, the system will generate the transcripts for you. We will notify you by email when it is ready. An average turnaround time for a 30-minute podcast is 20 minutes. An average turnaround time for a 60-minute podcast is 40 minutes.

6. It will show like this after you upload the SRT file or after the transcripts are generated. You can edit, save and download the transcript here.

If you change the audio/video files and want to update the transcript, you can delete the transcript. Then select to manually upload or let Podbean transcript the episode again. Please note the “Delete” action can not be undone. You can download the transcript to your local computer as needed to save it before deleting it. We provide 2 options when downloading the transcripts from the account: Captions SubRip (.srt) and Plain Text Only (.txt).

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