Podbean’s promotion podcast campaign allows you to pay to advertise your podcast on other
podcasts. Here’s how to create promotion podcast campaigns:

1. Log into the dashboard. Click "Ad Management", then find "Promote your podcast by advertising on other podcasts" -> Click "view more” to go to the promotion campaign list to create a campaign.

2. Fill in the basic information for the campaign. Here, you can target your ideal listeners by setting locations and preferred podcast categories. 

You need to select your preferred ad position (pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll) and then upload the audio file of your ad. You also need to set the budget. We provide 4 packages to select: 8k impressions—$200/ 10 days, 20k impressions —$500/ 20days, 40k impressions —-$800/ 30days, and 75k impressions — $1500/ 30 days. Podbean will select a batch of podcasts automatically, in which to serve your ads.

Then set the campaign start and end date. (The campaign will not be removed until it reaches the impressions that you select, so to reach the ads impressions, your campaign may run longer than the time frame you've selected.).

3. Click “Launch”The campaign will be created. You will need to authorize your payment method. After authorization, the campaign will be “under review” by the Podbean team. Typically, your campaign will be up and running within 24 hours. Once the campaign is approved, you will be charged immediately.

You can manage campaigns to view the detailed stats of ad impressions served.