You can control if users are allowed to post comments on the channels from app. 

Set if the Comment Control Displays in the Channels 

Log in to your Podbean company admin dashboard.

Click “Settings” --> “Advanced Options”. In the “Podcast Options” section, you can see the toggle “Podcast Comments”.

When it’s OFF, the comment control will not display. Comments are disabled for all channels.

When it’s ON, the comment control will display in each channel’s settings.

Enable or Disable Comments for Each Channel

If the “Enable Comments for All Channels” is toggled on, you can set separately if users are allowed to comment on each channel.

1. Click “Channels” on the company dashboard, then click the channel title.

2. Click “Settings” on the left bar --> “General”. Expand the “More Options” section.

Then set the “Comments” as “Enable” or “Disable”, which enables or disables users to post comments on this channel from Podbean App, Podbean Pro App, or White Label App.

Click “Update Options” to save the settings.

Note: For channels of business/enterprise account, the comments will not display on website, no matter if the Comments control is enabled or disabled.