No matter which email domain your users use, they can use Podbean SSO login to access your private podcast. Here is the detailed explanation on how multiple domains work in Podbean:

1. In your Podbean account SSO login page, you can set the "Organization Name". 

On the login page using SSO, users can enter this Organization Name instead of email. Thus, no matter which email domain they use, they can use the organization name to SSO Login. 

2. The white label apps do not require users to enter their emails. When users click the "SSO login" button in the App, they will be automatically be redirected to your company SSO login page. No email is required to enter. 

3. If your users access your podcasts via desktop browsers, we recommend they start with your organization Podcast URL which you set in your Podbean account "Settings" page. Users will be automatically redirected to your company SSO login when they visit that URL. No email is required to enter.