Before you invite Podbean as an App Manager, please create/upgrade your Apple developer account. Open the "Apple Developer Program Enrollment“page then click on "Start Your Enrollment" ". Then follow the steps to join the Apple Developer Program. Please make sure to select the Entity Type as Company/Organization.  Please notice Individual entity type can not grant related access/permissions of the app to Podbean.

You can follow the steps below to invite to be the App manager in your Apple developer account.

Step 1:  Visit and log in at, you will see the page as below.  Click the “Users and Access”.

Step 2: Once you are on the Users and Access page, click the + sign .


Step 3:   Fill in the info in the New User form.

  • Enter Name and Email.
  • Select App Manager under Roles.
  • Select All Apps under Apps. It can be changed to the white label podcast app after the app is added into your account
  • Check Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles under Developer Resources