For added security, you can turn on two-factor verification for logging in as admin or owner of your Podbean Enterprise/Business account.

      1. Login to your Podbean business/enterprise account. Go to “My Account”. Scroll down and turn on “Two Step Verification”.


        2. You will be required to enter your password. Then, you can decide to verify by SMS or Authentification app.

            2.1 If you choose to verify by SMS, you will be directed to enter your phone number to receive the verification code via SMS. Once you receive the code*, enter it as shown.

2.2 Or you can verify by Authentification app. You need to scan the QR code via your mobile devices to download the Authentification app. Once you have the code, enter it as shown.


        3. Every time you login from there on, you will need to complete the two steps: 1. enter your password, 2. receive a verification code by SMS* or Authentification app and enter it.


You can turn off Two Factor verification in “My Account”. You will also see a button to change your phone number there if needed.

*If you don’t receive the code, the system will show a resend button after 60 seconds.