We’re excited to announce Podbean’s Programmatic Advertising is now available to all Podbean hosting podcasters. Regardless of your podcast’s size, you can monetize your podcast immediately!  Podbean Podcaster Master Terms are also updated for programmatic advertising, please check them out. 

What is programmatic advertising? What to expect?

Programmatic advertising is the fully automated buying and selling of ads. Just easily set it, forget it and start earning revenue. You can focus on content creation, Podbean brings all the ads revenue for you.

How to enable programmatic ads on my podcast?

All you have to do is to join Podbean Ads Marketplace, turn on Programmatic Ads, set the ad slots in your episodes, add a Paypal account to receive ads revenue payout. Podbean brings all ads and automatically insert the highest bid ads into your podcast.

If you have already joined Podbean Ads Marketplace, programmatic ads are enabled automatically for your podcast. Go to the Settings page to view the status, click Manage → Activate Ad Types to set the ad types.

If you are new to the Ads Marketplace, go to the Settings page and click the button Join Ads Marketplace, then enable Programmatic Ads

How can I manage programmatic ads?

We provide the options for you to opt out ads in sensitive IAB categories and ads from individual advertisers.  

On the Settings page, you can manage potentially sensitive ad categories. Ads in opt-out categories won’t run on your podcast.

On the Programmatic Ads page, you can view and manage the ads. Ads from the rejected advertisers won’t run on your podcast.


Currently programmatic ads are available to podcasts with monthly downloads over 1k. You can also learn more about what types of podcasts typically have more potential for advertising opportunities.

If you have any further questions or want to share your feedback, please feel free to contact us.