Adding chapters to your audio podcast(.MP3) is a simple yet effective way to enhance the listening experience for your audience. With this feature, your listeners can easily navigate through the episode, find specific content, and engage more with your podcast. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding chapters to your audio podcast on Podbean.

1. Log in to your Podbean channel dashboard and click on "Episodes".

2. Create a new episode or edit the episode you want to add chapters to.

3. On the "Publish Episode" page, scroll down to the "Add Episode Chapter Markers" section located at the right-bottom of the page.

4. Click "Add Episode Chapter Markers" and then "+Add Chapter" to add the episode chapters.

    a. Start Time: This field is required and represents the start time of the chapter. You can use a specific time code, such as 00:05:30 .

    b. Chapter Title: This field is required and represents the title of the chapter. It should be a short and descriptive title that accurately represents the content of the chapter.

5. Once you have added all the chapters you want, click on "Save".

6. Finally, publish your episode as usual. The chapters you add will be visible on your podcast website player, embeddable players for your episodes, and on Podbean app. 

*Please note that this feature is only available to Podbean's unlimited audio plan or above users and the audio file must be MP3.

If you have uploaded an MP3 file with chapters for the episode, the platform will extract the chapter information from the file and display it as well. 

If you are utilizing the Podisc website theme, please note that the Podisc player is incapable of displaying chapter information.