Podbean offers a QR code feature that can assist you in promoting your podcast. This feature provides a direct link to your podcast that can be easily scanned using a smartphone camera. By including the QR code on your marketing materials, such as YouTube or other social media posts, you can increase visibility and attract new listeners to your podcast. So, with Podbean's QR code feature, you can simplify the promotion process and reach a wider audience with ease.

To access your podcast's QR code on Podbean, simply navigate to the "Subscribe" page on your own site. Here, you can view the QR code to use in your marketing efforts. 

However, if your podcast is not hosted on Podbean, you can still generate a QR code by visiting the "Badges" page. Input your podcast feed link and click “Generate”. The QR code that links to your podcast's website or RSS feed will be created. With this tool, you can easily promote your podcast and expand your listener base.