Experiencing issues with receiving new episode notifications on the Podbean Pro App? Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure your settings are correctly configured and learn more about the "Following" function for a seamless experience.

Enabling Notifications

Check Device Settings: Ensure Podbean Pro app notifications are allowed in your device's settings. This is crucial for both iOS and Android users.

Adjust App Settings:

1. Open the Podbean Pro app and go to Settings.

2. Select “New Episode Notifications”.

3. Toggle on notifications for your desired channels. Please notice that notifications are set as “Off” in default.  Note: Following a channel is optional for enabling notifications.

Following Channels

To Follow:

1. Visit the Podcasts homepage within the app.

2. Choose a channel and tap Follow. This adds the channel to your "Following" list and automatically turns on new episode notifications.

To Unfollow:

1. Find the channel in your list.

2. Tap the Unfollow option. This will remove the channel from your list and disable its notifications.

Important Notes

iOS Users: Apple's control over notifications means that you might not receive notifications from the Podbean Pro app if you've just installed the app or haven't opened the app for a long time. Opening the Podbean Pro app daily and listening to podcasts for more than 5 minutes a day for a few days can activate notifications.

Still Facing Issues?: If you've followed all steps but still aren't receiving notifications, please inform us about the specific issue and whether you're using the iOS or Android version of the Podbean Pro app.