Podcasters can submit audio podcasts to YouTube Music through an audio-only RSS feed now.

Note: If there are video episodes in your podcast and want to share the podcast to YouTube, we recommend you use the YouTube social share function. Learn how to how to Share Your Video Podcast to YouTube.

Upon submitting your RSS feed to YouTube, the platform will automatically generate videos for the podcast episodes you opt to share. Utilizing your podcast's show art, YouTube will craft static-image videos and post them on your channel. 

As you add new episodes to your RSS feed, they will seamlessly upload to your YouTube channel, with eligible subscribers receiving timely notifications. 

Check the instructions below to submit your podcasts to YouTube.

Pre-requisites for submitting podcast feed to YouTube

Uploading your podcasts to YouTube through an RSS feed

Publish podcasts from your RSS feed

How to get your YouTube podcast website playlist address (URL)

YouTube submission troubleshooting

Pre-requisites for submitting podcast feed to YouTube

  1. Include your email address in your Podbean podcast feed.
    1. In the process of submitting your podcast to YouTube Music, you will need to verify your account by email. 
    2. To add your email address to your podcast feed, you can go to your account dashboard and navigate to Settings–>Feed–>Ownership email to add email to the feed temporarily.

  2. Remove ads from your podcast to comply with YouTube’s Terms of Service.
    1. Podcast content on YouTube cannot contain advertisements. Please make sure you have removed all ads added to your podcast before submitting it to YouTube Music.
    2. However, host-read ads, sponsorships, or endorsements are allowed to be included in your podcast. You’re required to let YouTube know and comply with all applicable policies.

Uploading your podcasts to YouTube through an RSS feed

  1. Access your YouTube account, click on the profile icon located in the top right-hand corner, and then select "YouTube Studio."

  2. Within YouTube Studio, click on the Create button located in the top right corner, and then select the New Podcast option.

  3. In the popup, choose Submit RSS Feed.

  4. Next, go through and accept the RSS Ingestion Tool Terms of Service.
  5. Read the instructions on how it works and click on Next.

  6. In the “Enter RSS feed” section, fill out your Podbean podcast feed and click on Next.

    You can find your feed by going to Settings->Feed in your Podbean dashboard. At the top, you will see “View RSS feed”, once you click, you will get your feed URL.

  7. Once the RSS feed is verified as valid, you will be led to the “Verify ownership” section. Here, click the Send Code to verify your account. A verification email that contains a verification code will be sent to the email address in your RSS feed.

  8. Enter the verification code sent to the email address on your RSS feed and click Verify.

  9. After verifying, you can choose which episodes you want to upload to your podcast on YouTube and click Next. Here are the options:
    1. All existing episodes
    2. Episodes published since a specific date
    3. Only future episodes

      Note: If your episodes contain paid promotions(host-read ads, sponsorships, or endorsements), you should also unfolder “paid promotion” and select the option “Episodes from my RSS feed contain paid promotion”.

  10. Review visibility details and click Save if everything looks fine from your end.

Publish podcasts from your RSS feed

After setting up your feed, it may take some time for your episodes to upload. You'll get an email when your podcast is ready to be published. 

Upon receiving the notification email indicating that your show is ready for publication on YouTube, proceed with the steps outlined below to publish it.

  1. Log into YouTube Studio, go to Content-->Podcasts.
  2. Find the podcast you want to publish.
  3. Click on Publish under “Video Count” to publish the podcast. 
  4. Note: This option will be visible only after all podcast episodes have been successfully uploaded.

Once published, your podcast and any subsequent episodes will be accessible to the public on YouTube. You have the option to modify these settings on the Podcast details page, see more on how to edit the podcast details on YouTube.

How to get your YouTube podcast website playlist address (URL)

  1. Log into your YouTube account and go to YouTube Studio.
  2. Navigate to the Content–>Podcasts and find the podcast. Click on the 3 dot menu.
  3. Click on “Get shareable link” to get the link.

YouTube submission troubleshooting

  1. What occurs when you submit your RSS feed to YouTube?
    When you submit your RSS feed to YouTube, YouTube will create videos for each podcast episode that you choose to upload. YouTube will use your podcast’s show art to create a static-image video and upload it to your channel on your behalf.

  2. Will my YouTube audience receive notifications for new episodes?
    When a new episode is added to your RSS feed, it will automatically upload to your channel and YouTube will notify your eligible subscribers.

  3. Will YouTube automatically update my podcast details?
    No, YouTube will not automatically update show details made to your RSS feed. You have to edit the show details on YouTube.

  4. Will my YouTube stats show in Podbean?
    No, when your episodes are published in YouTube, YouTube makes a copy of them, therefore statistics for YouTube Music will only appear in YouTube Studio. This indicates that if you host with Podbean, you won't see the stats from YouTube Music.