YouTube creators can effortlessly import their YouTube playlists into Podbean to create podcasts, expanding their content's reach to diverse podcast audiences, supported starting from the Podbean Unlimited Audio Plan.

To import your YouTube playlist, please follow the steps below:

1. Sign up for an account and select "Import Existing Podcast" on the initial page.

Already have an account? Create a new channel for your YouTube playlist.

2. From your Podcast Dashboard, click on "Import Existing Podcast."

3. On the "Switch to Podbean" page, choose "YouTube Playlist" as your content source.

4. Step 1: Enter your YouTube channel Handle to search for your YouTube channel. Then, select the playlist you wish to import to Podbean.

Not sure what your YouTube Handle is? Click here

5. Step 2: Proceed to set up the import options and choose your podcast hosting plan as needed.

  • Convert to Audio Podcasts: This option is supported in the Podbean Unlimited Audio Plan. Choose this if you want to convert your YouTube videos into audio podcasts.

  • Convert to Video Podcasts: Supported in the Podbean Unlimited Plus Plan, select this if you prefer turning your YouTube videos into video podcasts.

  • Sync New YouTube Videos: Check this option if you want Podbean to automatically sync your future YouTube videos. Podbean will import and publish newly added videos from your connected playlist in your chosen format to your podcast channel.

The import process may take some time, depending on the size of your feed file. You can check back later to view the importing status. The episodes are initially saved as "Draft" and switch to "Published" status upon successful import into Podbean.

On the success page, you'll find your connected YouTube playlist. Additionally, you can toggle Podbean syncing for new YouTube videos on or off.

Please Note:

  • Once a video is imported to Podbean, updates made to the video on YouTube cannot be reflected on Podbean.
  • Any changes made to episodes or new episodes published directly on Podbean won't sync back to YouTube. 

Once the import is finished, any changes made to the imported episodes on YouTube won’t sync to Podbean.


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