Once you've enabled Podbean AI, you will have the option to adjust the AI settings to customize the AI-generated descriptions and audio options to match your podcast's style.

  1. Sign in to your account and head to the dashboard.

  2. Click New Episode and enter the episode publish page.

  3. Click the gear button on the top right hand corner of the Podbean AI box to access the AI Settings page.

  4. Here are two options to meet your AI customization needs: Content Options and Audio Options.

    Note:When publishing in a private podcast channel, you might not have access to the "Audio Options" if the account admin has disabled "AI Audio Optimization".

  5. Content Options enable you to choose various description styles and lengths for your description.
    1. Description style: 
      1. Standard(Default): Generate a simple, clear episode description, providing an overview of the episode.
      2. Informative: Provide an overview of the episode, such as topics covered, guests, and key points. This style aims to inform listeners about what to expect from the episode.
      3. Conversational: Use a casual, friendly tone as if speaking directly to a friend, aiming to create a sense of intimacy and connection with the audience.
      4. Storytelling: Focus on presenting the episode as a compelling narrative, using storytelling techniques to engage listeners and draw them into the episode.

    2. Description length: 
      1. Brief(Default): Concise description highlighting key points.
      2. Comprehensive: Detailed description covering various aspects.

  6. Audio Options enable you to choose different denoising methods and whether to cut silence and fillers for your audio file.
    1. Denoising Method: Define whether the AI should remove only static or also fast-changing noises, and whether it should keep or eliminate music.
      1. Static: Remove constant noises only.
      2. Dynamic(Default): Keep speech and music, remove everything else.
      3. Speech Isolation: Keep speech, remove everything else.

    2. Cut Silence(On by default): It detects and removes silent segments from your record that might be caused by speech breaks, pauses for breathing, or equipment-re-adjusting.

    3. Cut Fillers(On by default): It detects and removes filler words, namely any kind of “um”, “uh”, “mh”, German “ähm”, “äh”, “öh”, French “euh”, Spanish “eh” and similar.

The AI settings will be applied when you publish new episodes using Podbean AI. Additionally, if you have multiple podcast channels, you can set up different AI settings for each channel.