We make it really easy for you to move your Libsyn podcast over to Podbean. First, set up your account in Podbean and choose the plan you like.  

Now you can import your old podcasts on Libsyn in to Podbean with just a couple steps. 

Step 1: Simply go to “Publish” in your Podbean dashboard and click on “Import RSS”. You will enter your Libsyn feed url there and the tool will automatically begin migrating your podcast episodes (titles and text will migrate immediately, audio and video files will take about 15-30 minutes to load). 

Step 2: IMPORTANT! Set iTunes to fetch the new Feed URL with following steps:
–Log into your Dashboard (www.libsyn.com)
–Select Destinations
–Select Podcast RSS Feed
–Scroll towards the bottom and select Advanced Options
–Enter in the Extra RSS Tags text box:
<itunes:new-feed-url>http://yourPodbeanSubdomain.podbean.com/feed</itunes:new-feed-url> ?Make sure to replace "yourPodbeanSubdomain" with your actual Podbean account subdomain.)
–Hit Save
Libsyn will add the entered iTunes redirect tag to your feed for you, and iTunes will pick up on this change within a few days.*

*Due to the iTunes delay in updating your feed, users who get your podcast through iTunes may experience a disruption during that time if you are only publishing in Podbean. You may want to let listeners know about your transition and the ways they can get your show, as well as leaving your Libsyn account open for about a month to ensure everything has transitioned smoothly.

Optional Step 3 (if you have listeners who get your show through Libsyn):  Wait until iTunes has picked up your Podbean feed. Then you may set a 301 redirect for your libsyn feed URL with following steps:

Set up a redirect in your libsyn account to automatically redirect users to the new feed in iTunes. Libsyn allows you to set up a redirect in “advance options” (in “destinations”, click the “edit” button next to “Libsyn Classic Feed”). Scroll to “Redirect feed to this web address” and enter the url of your new Podbean feed (http://yourPodbeanSubdomain.podbean.com/feed, substituting your actual subdomain here). Do a quick test by typing in your Libsyn feed address in a browser to ensure it redirects you to your Podbean url.?