Podbean is an official Spotify “passthrough” partner. This means, once submitted and approved, Spotify will fetch your content from your RSS feed much like other podcast apps and podcatchers. Read more about getting your podcast on Spotify via Podbean.

In order to participate in Spotify passthrough, your podcast episodes must be in MP3 format. Spotify does not currently support video or mixed media feeds. If you use an audio format other than MP3, your podcast can still be submitted to Spotify but not via passthrough. Spotify will pull in and reformat your content for their ecosystem. Here are some more details about Spotify’s content requirements:


Currently only ISO/IEC 11172-3 MPEG-1 Part 3 (MP3) enclosure files with bitrates between 96 and 320 Kbps are supported with a maximum length of 200 MB (roughly 83 minutes @ 320 Kbps).


Images should be published in the high resolution available (1400x1400 to 2048x2048), in a fully squared (1:1) aspect ratio and preferably in a format using lossless encoding. Spotify prefers RGB encoded images. Accepted formats in order of preference are: PNG or JPEG.


The expected podcast metadata input is a case sensitive XML 1.0 formatted text document encoded in UTF-8.  HTML ampersand characters shall not be escaped but written in clear (e.g. always ‘News & Politics’, never ‘News & Politics’). HTML tags embedded in elements will be removed.

Note: Your podcast is not used to distribute music tracks, DJ mixes, or similar musical content. See more at https://support.spotify.com/us/podcasters/article/policy-on-submitting-music-via-spotify-for-podcasters/.