Spotify is a popular place for listeners to discover your podcast. Podbean has become a Spotify partner so we will be able to help you to submit your podcast to Spotify.

Here are the simple steps to submit your Podbean podcast to Spotify.

1.  Log into your Podbean account and go to the 'Settings'->'Social Share' page. Then click the 'Connect to Spotify' button. This feature is available for all unlimited and above accounts.

connect to spotify button

2. You should agree to Spotify terms and conditions before submission. Please select a primary country for your podcast (this is used by Spotify’s system; it should be the main country/where most of your listeners are located). 

spotify connection form

Once you agree to Spotify terms and conditions, we will submit your podcast to Spotify. Submissions are batched together, approximately every couple weeks.

*Currently, Spotify does not support video or mixed media podcast feed. Your podcast is eligible for automatic submission via Podbean if you have an unlimited or above hosting account, once you have at least five episodes published.