New Podcast Not Showing Up In Spotify?

If your new podcast isn't appearing on Spotify, please check the following:

1. Your podcast episodes must be in MP3 format.

If you use a media format other than MP3, Spotify will not update the episode. Please go to your Podbean Dashboard> Episodes> Media Manager to check if your episodes are in MP3 format.

Please allow up to 24 hours for new episodes and updates to show on Spotify.

2. <Author> must be set for your podcast.

Please log into your podcast channel dashboard, go to Settings > General > More Options page to check if you've set Author for your podcast

Can I publish video episode to Spotify?

Unfortunately, Spotify currently does not support video or mixed media feeds. They exclusively accept audio podcasts in MP3 format. 

However, if you wish to publish a video podcast on Podbean while keeping your audio podcast available on Spotify, you can create a separate video podcast channel for your video content. To learn more about adding multiple channels to your account, visit Managing Multiple Channels in My Podbean Account.

Why are my episodes taken down by Spotify?

If your podcast is submitted to Spotify, please make sure your podcast is not used to distribute music tracks, DJ mixes, or similar musical content. See more at

Haven't submitted your podcast to Spotify? Click here and learn how to submit.