If you do not have your own domain yet, click here to register one.

If you have already registered your own domain, follow the steps hereafter to set own domain for your Podbean site :

We recommend you to use CloudFlare.com for your DNS service.  You may check how to set CNAME in cloudflare.com here.

If your domain is registered with GoDaddy, you may check how to set CNAME in GoDaddy here.

1.  Set a CNAME DNS record to map your own domain to pbcdn2.podbean.com. 

2.  Add a TXT DNS record to verify your ownership of the own domain. 

We will generate a unique string in your Podbean account(go to “Distribution” → “Podcast Website”, click the "Own Domain" under the 'Actions' tab.

Add a TXT DNS record. Copy and paste the string to the "Content "area. 

It may take several hours to 48 hours for your DNS changes to be recognized.

3.  Set your own domain in Step 3.

Podbean provides an SSL certificate for your domain for FREE. Enable HTTPS for your own domain as needed.