Here are a few tips about setting up a great crowdfunding page:

Add a tagline. It’s a call to action for people to support your podcast. This shows below your logo on your campaign page and is the default text for social media shares.

Include a video. It’s the best way to share your story in your own voice. Tell the story behind your podcast. It can be a great tool to boost your campaign. 

Share a great story. Tell a bit about yourself and what you can do with your fans’ support. Be compelling, make them laugh or cry...make them want to be part of what you’re doing!

Set goals (monthly funding). Show patrons how the money will be used and specify targets for yourself. Setting multiple goals, starting with an attainable goal. Setting some lower-level goals allows your patrons to see successful progress. 

Offer several small level rewards (the best practice is to start with a $1 level). Pledges of $1-5 are the most popular. Please note the amount is a recurring monthly payment, so set the amounts accordingly. 

For more information on how to promote your crowdfunding campaign check out this article.