On the Dashboard - Ads Revenue page, you can view the ads impressions and estimated ads revenue that your podcast gained over a specified time period. Below the detail of impressions (estimated revenue amount) by date is also displayed.

Please note that Podbean charges a 30% fee for ads that run on your podcast through Ads Marketplace. The displayed revenue on the dashboard is after the fee has been deducted.

To receive your ad payments, please go to the Payments page to:

  1. Fill in and save your PayPal payout account email
  2. Download and complete the tax form. Upload and submit the filled form for review.

On this page, you can also view your total advertising earnings, payable balance, and the paid amount.

Please note:

  • The ads are from various sources, including individual advertisers and 3rd-party DSP platforms. The ads revenue will become your earnings after Podbean receives payments from advertisers and DSPs. Most payments can be received within 3 months, while some having longer payment cycles of 4-6 months. 

  • The month’s payable balance will be paid out on the 15th of the following month

  • The minimum payout amount is $10.

  • Until both steps are completed, which involve submitting your PayPal account and the tax form and having the tax form reviewed and approved, you will not qualify for receiving payments.