You can get as creative as you want with reward ideas and tailor them to your show and audience. Here are a few examples from successful crowdfunders of things they offer at various reward levels:



Shout outs on the show or site

Thank you email

Access to patrons-only comments

Digital postcard/note each month

Early access to new episodes



Monthly, handwritten note or special show postcard

Small show products (poster, sticker, t-shirt, book)

Name listed on show’s patrons list and a shout-out on a show

Access to patron-only bonus content

Participate in a closed fan Facebook group or monthly google hangout with the hosts

Receive special inside tips newsletter



Patron can read a short message on the show, or call in as a special guest

Special show products or access to exclusive events

Free 30 minute consulting session with the host

Dinner with the hosts

Patron can determine a show topic

Specially-selected gift delivered each month



Appear as a guest on the show

Choose a guest for the show and attend the recording

A personal thank you video from the hosts

A 60 second sponsorship of your product or service, read by the host

One hour video conference with the hosts