Here are some possible solutions to troubleshoot when your podcast is stopping suddenly in the Podbean Android app:

Battery-saving mode

● Stops playing when the phone screen is off/phone is locked 

● Other possible solutions

Battery-saving mode

Is your device on battery-saving mode? If so, please turn it off.

1. For Samsung,

please go to the phone Settings app->Podbean->Battery->Allow background activity.

2. For Pixel,

please go to the phone Settings app->Podbean->Battery->Background restriction and remove it. 

3. For Huawei,

please go to the phone Settings app->Podbean->Power usage details->App launch->turn on the setting "Run in background".

4. For other device models,

please contact the device manufacturer for assistance.

Stops playing when the phone screen is off/phone is locked 

For Android 9+ users, please try the following steps to change your phone Settings.


1. go to the phone Settings-->Apps-->Podbean-->Battery, then allow Podbean to use battery in the background


2. go to the phone Settings-->Apps & notifications-->Special app access-->Battery optimization-->choose "All apps" by clicking the arrow icon-->select Podbean-->choose “Don’t optimize” option. (Or you can search "Special app access" directly in the phone Settings page.)


3. go to phone Settings and check all Battery-relevant settings by searching "Battery" on the Settings page, then remove all optimizations for Podbean.


Other possible solutions

If the above ways don't work, please try the following steps.

1. Are you using any cache-clearing or power-saving apps like Greenify or 360 Security? If so, please turn those off.


2. Are  “Notifications" allowed for the Podbean app in your device Settings? If not, please allow notifications for the Podbean app.


3. Are you playing the episode with a strong network connection? If not, please use another Wi-Fi network or use cellular data.