To start using the Podbean API, you need to sign up for a Podbean developer account and get the access key and secret.

Then you can start to use Podbean’s API. Here are the steps for how to publish a new podcast episode via Podbean API:

1. Authentication: Podbean authentication uses Oauth 2.0, a popular open standard used widely by many API providers. OAuth 2.0 allows users to authorize your application without disclosing their username and password.  

You can use the Authetication APIs to get the access token.

2. Upload the media file and if desired, upload the episode logo image file (optional).

Once you have the access token, you can use the file uploading API to upload files. If a file is uploaded successfully, you will get a file key in response. We assume you store the audio or video file key as media_key and the logo image file key as logo_key.

3. Publish the new Podcast episode.

After the audio or video file is successfully uploaded, you can publish a new episode via the episode publishing API . You need to use the media_key you got in last step when the episode publishing API is called.  You also have the option to put the logo_key in the API to set the episode logo image.

You will get the media file URL and the episode permalink URL in the episode publishing API response. You may use these links to share the episode. Moreover, you can call the oEmbed API to get the oEmbed code for this episode.

With these three steps, you can publish a new podcast episode via the Podbean API.