How to submit your plugin to Podbean:

1. Go to Click “Register a New App” and complete the information.

Register a new app

Submit app info

2. In your developer account, click on “Manage App” for the information, app id, app secret .etc. you will need as you develop and test your app. You can find the API documentation here

Manage my apps

manage app info

3. Log in to your developer account and click “Submit to review”. The Podbean team will review and test your app/plugin. Once your app/plugin has been approved, it will be included at You will be notified by email.

submit to review

We’re excited to invite developers to use our API to develop great new applications for Podbean users. Contact us if you have any questions.

If you want to publish the plugin to Podbean, you can submit your app/plugin to Podbean for reviewing.  Please refer to this link 

If you want to keep your app/plugin private, you can directly get authorized by referring to this link