On the overview page (found in your Podbean Dashboard-->Statistics-->Overview) you can view: downloads for all episodes, user interaction, where your audience comes from, users by time of day, download sources, top 10 episodes and user retention.


You can choose a date range for all stats and charts (except user retention) by clicking dates on the calendar.


Here is a brief description of each chart (click the titles below to get more details):


Trending Chart


Shows downloads for all episodes during the selected time period. From the chart, you will be able to view details of downloads by episode on that date by clicking the dot.

User Interaction

Number of new followers, comments, and likes within the selected time period and the total number of followers, comments, and likes.

Where Your Audience Comes from

Geographic stats for the time period. Map and list show the downloads from all countries. You can also click World, U.S.A , Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden, Germany tab to see more detailed statistics.

Downloads by Time of Day

A 24-hour chart by day showing your download trends. Hover over the chart to view the total number of downloads for each hour of each day in the selected time period. 

Download Sources

Sources of your downloads such as Apple Podcasts, browsers, or specific podcast apps (click “view more” to see all). Hovering over the agent displays the downloads during the selected time period.

Top 10 Episodes

View the top ten most downloaded episodes during the time period.
See the type of content that’s doing well for your podcast.


User Retention


Gives you a picture of listener loyalty in the Podbean app. This chart shows the number of listeners each week and the percentage retained, over the most recent seven weeks. Hovering over one week displays the number and retention rate. See more details here

Daily Listeners


It gives you additional insight into your audience reach.