After you join the Ads program if you don’t set time slots, the default setting is for pre-roll and post-roll ads to be inserted at the beginning and end of each episode (before and after your audio content).

However, you may prefer other times. And, you may want to consider setting mid-roll slots for new and top episodes, as these slots are popular with advertisers and often bring a higher rate. To manually set/edit ad time slots, please go to your PodAds dashboard or the Episode List in the podcast dashboard, and click on the “Set Ad Time Slots” button. You will be able to set times for pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads on episodes individually or by batch.

The “Set Ad Time Slots” button on the "Episode List" page

Set Ad Time Slots to A Single Episode

Click the episode title and there will be a pop-up window for you to set the ad time slot. 

If you got multiple mid-roll ads running on your podcast, you can set multiple mid-roll slots. To add a new slot, input the insertion point and press Enter.

Click the episode title

Set ad time slots in the pop-up window

Batch Set Ad Time Slots 

Select multiple episodes to batch set the ad time slots or batch delete.


SPP - Smart PodAds Point

If you leave the fields empty when manually setting time slots for a single episode, or if you batch set the time slots, you may notice that the mid-roll insertion points are picked by SPP. 

SPP is Podbean’s PodAds Point mechanism, which our system automatically calculates and finds the appropriate time slots for your podcast episodes.