If you are currently hosting your podcast on Buzzsprout and would like to migrate to Podbean, please follow these steps: 

Step 1: Import your Podcasts

  1. Create a Podbean account, you may choose the plan you like.

  2. From your Podcast Dashboard, click “Import podcast”. 

  3. This option will disappear from the main page once you finish your first import, but you can always find this option to import your podcast in “Settings”-->“General“-->“Import to Podbean”.

  4. Enter your Buzzsprout feed URL and click on the 'Import' button to import your podcast to Podbean.

Step 2: Redirect the Buzzsprout feed to your Podbean feed.

  1. Log into your Buzzsprout account, click on Settings-->Cancel/Redirect.

  2. Select the center option to Redirect Your Podcast Feed.

  3. From there you will be taken to an informational page with the full process of placing your 301 redirect. Follow each step to make sure you set up the redirect successfully.

Step 3: In your Podbean dashboard, click on the "Check redirect" button in “Settings”-->”Switch to Podbean” to check the 301 redirect.

Once BuzzSprout confirms that a redirect is set to point to your Podbean RSS feed, we recommend keeping your old feed/site in place for a few weeks to ensure all subscribers have moved across and all directories are updated.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Podbean Support team.