A Fan Club is an exclusive community of devoted followers, a place where you can truly connect with your supporters beyond the confines of a live stream. As a host, you can create posts to share your thoughts, exclusives, and experiences with your fans. Your fans can make a single payment to join your Fan Club, showing their support and gaining unique privileges in return.

For Hosts:

1. Increased Earnings: Unlock the potential for increased income through your Fan Club.

2. Enhanced Engagement: Foster deeper connections with your fans by interacting with them under your posts.


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For Fan Club Members:

Joining the Fan Club comes with a range of exciting privileges, including:

1. Unique Member Label: Stand out as a Fan Club member with a special badge.

2. Special Emojis: Gain the ability to send exclusive gifts within the live room to show your support.

3. Cool Entry Visual Effect: Stand out with a captivating visual effect when entering the live room.

4. Boosted Engagement Score: Accelerate your engagement score more quickly.

5. Dynamic Community Interaction: Interact with your favorite hosts through their posts.


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Ready to get started? Activate your Fan Club today and watch your engagement soar!