Before you start to merge podcast channels,  please check if your target account is qualified to accept new podcast channels.

Once you’ve verified the target account meets these conditions, take the following steps:


We call the podcast account you want to merge the podcasts into the Target Account.

We call the podcast channel you want to merge from the Source Podcast Channel or Source Account.

1. Log into the Target account and visit this link to submit a merge invitation: 


2. Enter the Source Podcast URL (e.g.  Please note that only Podbean hosted podcasts can be the Source Podcast. If you are looking for information on how to migrate podcasts from other hosting sites, read our podcast migration article.

3. Click the "Submit Merge Invitation" button and the system will send your invitation to the Source Podcast owner'a email. 


4. Once the Source Podcast owner accepts your merge invitation in the email, the source podcast channel will be merged into your target account successfully.