Here are some frequently asked questions you may have about switching your podcast to Podbean: 

  1. Does migrating my podcast to Podbean mean I'll have to use a new RSS Feed?
    Yes, we will provide you with a new Podbean RSS Feed when you migrate to Podbean.

  2. How can I be sure none of my content will be lost?
    The import should bring over all the content in your current feed. During the importing process, please make sure that all your podcasts are in the feed you will be importing so they'll be migrated over to your Podbean account. If you have trouble, contact Podbean Support for help. It is also recommended that you always store backup files for your podcast.

  3. My distribution links aren’t working. Did the migration create problems in my distribution?
    The redirect is not a guarantee that your feed will automatically update in other podcast apps. We recommend you Enable the "Set Podcast New Feed URL" option in the Settings > Feed > Advanced Feed Settings page after the redirect is set. You may also refer to the link below:

Step 1. Import to Podbean 

  1. Create a Podbean account, you may choose the plan you like. 

  2. From your Podcast Dashboard, click “Import podcast”.

  3. This option will disappear from the main page once you finish your first import, but you can always find this option to import your podcast in “Settings”-->“General“-->“Import to Podbean”.

  4. Enter your feed URL and click on the 'Import' button to import your podcast to Podbean.

Step 2. Redirect the old feed to Podbean feed. 

  1. Set up a 301 redirect in your old feed. 

  2. In your Podbean dashboard, click on the "Check redirect" button in “Settings”-->‘Switch to Podbean“ to check the 301 redirect. (See our Support articles on how to migrate from various podcast hosting services for more information on setting up a redirect, or contact your current hosting provider.)

That's it. You can now start making your future episodes with Podbean. Happy podcasting!

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Podbean Support team.

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