Podbean now allows you to import the total number of downloads you had on each episode into Podbean.

Once you’ve imported the episodes to Podbean and completed the 301 redirect, you will be able to upload a csv file containing your episode downloads. Follow the steps to import stats for your podcasts.

1. Log in to your account, and go to Settings-->General-->Import to Podbean.

2. Click on "Add Downloads to Imported Episodes" to unfold it.

3. Click on "Download" to download the imported episodes in a CSV file.

4. In the CSV file, fill out the download number for these episodes.

5. Click on the "Import CSV file" button to upload the file and import the stats.

Please note:

  • The function is only used when users switch their podcasts to Podbean.

  • The detailed stats such as download source, geo, and dates etc.  CANNOT be imported and the imported stats are not IAB verified.

  • Importing the download number for the same episode repeatedly will not increase its total number of downloads. Duplicate imports will be ignored and failed. 

  • Stats can only be imported within a 30-day period from feed import.

How to switch your podcast to Podbean