If you need to add podcast value (at the <channel> level) to your podcast, please follow the steps to add this to your Podbean podcast.

1. Go to apps.podbean.com and log into your Podbean account.

2. Click the free "Podcast Value" plugin to view details.


3. Click “Get the plugin” (select a podcast channel if you have multiple channels).

4. In your Podbean dashboard, navigate to “Settings”-->” Plugins”. (You will be redirected to this page when installing the plugin.)

5. Find the "Podcast Value" plugin and click the “edit” icon.

6. In the pop-up window, add the value you need, then click the "save changes" button.

What is Value Element?

type (required) This is the service slug of the cryptocurrency or protocol layer.

method (required) This is the transport mechanism that will be used.

suggested (optional) This is an optional suggestion on how much cryptocurrency to send with each payment.

What is Value Recipient Element?

name (recommended) A free-form string that designates who or what this recipient is.

customKey (optional) The name of a custom record key to send along with the payment.

customValue (optional) A custom value to pass along with the payment. This is considered the value that belongs to the customKey.

type (required) A slug that represents the type of receiving address that will receive the payment.

address (required) This denotes the receiving address of the payee.

split (required) The number of shares of the payment this recipient will receive.

fee (optional) If this attribute is not specified, it is assumed to be false.