New Podcast Not Showing Up In Spotify?

If your new podcast isn't appearing on Spotify, please check the following:

1. Your podcast episodes must be in MP3 format.

If you use a media format other than MP3, Spotify will not update the episode. Please go to your Podbean Dashboard> Episodes> Media Manager to check if your episodes are in MP3 format.

Please allow up to 24 hours for new episodes and updates to show on Spotify.

2. <Author> must be set for your podcast.

Please log into your podcast channel dashboard, go to Settings > General > More Options page to check if you've set Author for your podcast

Can I publish video episode to Spotify?

Unfortunately, Spotify currently does not support video or mixed media feeds. They exclusively accept audio podcasts in MP3 format. 

However, if you wish to publish a video podcast on Podbean while keeping your audio podcast available on Spotify, you can create a separate video podcast channel for your video content. To learn more about adding multiple channels to your account, visit Managing Multiple Channels in My Podbean Account.