In Podbean Ads Marketplace, podcasters have the option to enable/disable 2 different types of ads: Programmatic ads and Host-read ads. Here we will briefly introduce what they are, what's the difference between them, and how to turn them on.

Programmatic Ads Vs. Host-Read Ads

Programmatic advertising is the fully automated buying and selling of ads. Podbean Ads Marketplace automatically inserts the highest bid ads into your podcasts. You can focus on content creation, Podbean brings all the ads for you. You can opt out the ads in sensitive IAB categories and ads from individual advertisers. 

Host-read ads require you to record the ads with your own voice and endorse the products/services. Most of the time, you will be required to exclude competitor products/services during the campaign time. Host-read ads usually get paid with higher CPM than programmatic ads.

How to enable Programmatic ads and Host-read ads

You can go to the Settings page to view the status, click Manage → Activate Ad Types to set the ad types.

If you are new to the Podbean Ads Marketplace, go to the Settings page and click the button Join Ads Marketplace, then enable the ad types you want. 

Note: Currently, programmatic ads are are available to podcasts with monthly downloads over 1k; host-read ads are available to podcasts with monthly downloads over 10k.