1. Does migrating my podcast to Podbean mean I'll have to use a new RSS Feed?

Yes, we will provide you with a new Podbean RSS Feed when you migrate to Podbean.

2. How can I be sure none of my content will be lost?

The import should bring over all the content in your current feed. During the importing process, please make sure that all your podcasts are in the feed you will be importing so they'll be migrated over to your Podbean account. If you have trouble, contact Podbean Support for help. It is also recommended that you always store backup files for your podcast.

3. My distribution links aren’t working. Did the migration create problems in my distribution?

Please check if you have set up the 301 redirect to redirect your old feed to the new feed. Normally, the distribution apps should automatically update to your new feed if you've set up the 301 redirects. The 301 redirect indicates to podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, that your podcast has permanently moved to a new feed URL. This helps ensure that Apple Podcasts will fetch and update your new feed, allowing your latest episodes and updates to be reflected in the platform.

However, it's important to note that while podcast apps, such as Apple Podcasts generally follow 301 redirects, there may be instances where it takes some time for the update to propagate or for podcast apps to recognize the redirect. It is recommended to monitor your podcast on other podcast distributions and reach out to their support if you encounter any issues or delays in the feed update process.