Podbean's Dynamic Ad Insertion (PodAds) service now supports the use of VAST ad tag URLs in campaigns. This allows you to link up with a third-party ad server and deliver ads seamlessly into your podcasts, resulting in greater flexibility in your advertising strategy or those of your advertising partners.


VAST ad tag URL and supported macros

A sample VAST ad tag URL would look something like this:


Supported Macros

  • Cachebuster Macro:  %%cachebuster%%
  • IP Address:  %%ip%% 
  • User Agent (Device):  %%ua%%
  • Delivery Time (Timestamp):  %%delivery_time%%
  • RSS Feed URL:  %%rssurl%%
  • Podcast ID:  %%podcastid%%
  • Episode ID:  %%episodeid%%
  • Media URL:  %%mediaurl%%
  • Session ID: %%sessionid%%
  • Position within Pod: %%position%%

VAST response requirements

  • VAST response should include MP3 audio file.
  • VAST response should include impression URL.

Use VAST ad tags in campaigns

  1. Navigate to the PodAds Campaign management page.

  2. When creating campaign, Use VAST tag for ads. Select your ad positions and input VAST ad tag URL.
  3. After you have finished setting up the campaign, you can choose to save it as a draft or click "Create" to launch it. 

For any queries or questions, please feel free to contact us.