Billing and Charges

  • For the PodAds (Dynamic Ad Insertion) service, Podbean bills at a rate of $1 USD CPM (cost per 1000 ad impressions).

  • You will be charged when the cost of a PodAds campaign reaches $20 or when a campaign is removed or canceled.

  • Each charge generates an invoice, which can be viewed and paid from the invoice list within PodAds.

Payment Methods

  • PodAds uses the same payment method as your hosting plan.
    • If you have a payment card connected for your hosting fee, charges will be automatically attempted from your card when they occur.

    • If you use other payment methods (ACH, Wire Transfer, etc.), you will be notified each time an invoice is generated and ready to be paid.

Payment Completion

  • You can view the completed payments on the Payments page within PodAds.

  • To avoid service interruption, please complete the payments at your earliest convenience. Overdue payments will result in the temporary suspension of the episode publishing and PodAds features until the outstanding payments are cleared.