You can make a podcast on the Podbean app in a few minutes by following these simple steps.

(Please create your Podbean account before you publish an episode.)

1. Record Audio

Tap the "+" icon at the bottom-->tap the Recording button.

2. Start Recording/Add Background Music/Edit Recording

Click on the red Record button (microphone icon) on the Record page to start recording. You can tap to pause and resume at any time. You can also hit the play icon on the screen to listen to what you’ve recorded so far or hit the Redo icon to delete.

(Optional) Background music: Tap Music icon then select music you like. Tap + button to download them.

(Optional) Edit: Tap Edit icon then move the lines to wipe out the useless clips

3. Save Recording

After hitting Save, you will be taken to the “My Recording” page.

4. Publish Episode/Save Draft

Tap the upload icon and you will go to the episode publishing page.  

You need to add an episode title (five characters minimum), and can add an episode description and optional image.  

Enter Advanced Options if you need to set the Season Number, Episode Number, or Episode Type.

Click “Publish” when you’re ready, or “Save Draft” at the top-right corner.

Congratulations, you’ve just made a podcast on your Android! Your podcast is online now.

If this is a new account (or you wish to edit your information), click the three dots next to your podcast title to edit your podcast title, logo, category or description.

Please check this FAQ on how to merge drafts and this FAQ on how to split draft.