To manage your campaign, please go to Manage Your Campaigns page. You can view the status of your campaigns and click on “Action” for more options. 

View and Edit Campaign Info

You can click on the campaign name anytime to view the campaign info.

To eidt the information and settings of your campaign, click on “Action”--> “Edit Campaign”. Please note that the basic information and settings (including ad files, CPM, frequency cap, etc.) are editable only when the campaign is still a draft or under review. Once the campaign is approved, you can "Extend Campaign" but will not be able to edit the basic info anymore.

Manage Podcasts

You can click on “Action”--> “Manage Podcast” to view the performance of the selected podcasts or add/remove a podcast.

Please note the status of the podcasts in the campaign:

  • Active The podcast is ready to run the ad.
  • Pending The podcast is not in the Ads Marketplace yet. An invite has been sent and once the podcast accepts it, the status will shift to Active. 
  • Opt-out The podcast chose to opt-out the campaign or it was removed by you.
  • Not Matched Your ad category does not match the podcast's preference. The ad will not run on the podcast.

Once your campaign starts to run, you will be able to view the ads stats in your account (click on “Action”--> “View Stats”). For detailed info, please click here.

Add budget or Extend Campaigns

When the campaign is running, you can click on “Action”--> “Extend Campaign” which gives you the options to add campaign budget or extend the end date.

Pause or Activate Campaigns

You can pause a running campaign (“Action”--> “Pause”) anytime or activate a paused campaign as needed (“Action”--> “Activate”). There's also an option to add the campaign budget as you activate it.

Reactivate Ended Campaigns

The campaign will be ended when the end date arrives or the cost reaches the budget cap. You can reactivate an ended campaign as needed (“Action”--> “Reactivate”). There's also an option to add budget as you reactivate it.

Cancel Campaigns

You can also cancel a campaign anytime as needed and the status of the campaign will shift to Removed. Please note that a removed campaign cannot be reactivated.