1. Go to www.podbean.com and start a free account or log into your existing Podbean account. Podbean Live is free for podcasters, no matter where you host your podcast. You can also sign up directly from https://www.podbean.com/live-stream and once you have created an account, you will be directed to the live stream management page.

2. You will see “Live Stream” on the left of your profile page. Click on “Live Shows” there, then click “+New Live Show”.

3. Set up your live show room with a topic title, category, and description. Select if your livestream will include explicit language. Upload a logo. This can be your podcast logo or special live show artwork. Then click “Save”. You can also set the planned time to schedule your live show. Please reference your time zone listed below the set time (if it is not correct, go to your Podbean settings to change it). You can also choose the number of Early Bird Free Admissions you wish to offer for your livestream. Please note, 180 minutes is the maximum time for a livestream. After 180 minutes, our system will end the livestream.

4. After setting up your live show room, you will be taken to the Live Shows page. You can click the Go Live button in the right column of the corresponding live show title to enter the live show room.

5. You can edit your live show information (title, description, logo) here at any time.

6. Please plug in a headset or use headphones and a mic to get better voice quality and avoid echoes. Make sure to test your settings and audio before beginning your show.

7. You can enable "Guests & Call Ins" on the right of the Live page to invite any co-hosts or guests. There is a limit of five total people joining at once (host, guests and listener call-ins).

            Learn more about Inviting Co-hosts/Guests

8. If you enable listener call-in, you can click the profile photo of your listener under the "Guests & Call Ins" tab, then click Connect button on the pop-up window to accept the call when your listener requests to call in.

            Learn more about Enabling/Disabling Listener Calls

9. You can click the audio effect icon to add various audio effects. You can also click “Music” to add background music.

            Learn more about Adding Audio Effects & Background Music


10. The latest version of Chrome browser is required to run live stream. Please make sure you have Chrome installed/updated. When you’re ready, launch the live show page in Chrome. You can click the Start button to activate your live show. (Even though you may set a scheduled time, the live stream will not start until you click start.) When you see “On Air”, your livestream has started.

11. You’re now live streaming and can begin talking into your mic (headset or headphones and mic required). Along with audio, you can send text messages and emojis to listeners by inputting a message in the text box or clicking the emoji icon. You can mute yourself anytime by clicking the microphone icon on the top left corner of the Podbean Live page.

12. Under “Contribution List” on the left, you can see the Engagement Score and Podpoints you’ve earned on the live show, and the listeners who make contributions to your live show. You can click the Listeners section on the left of the Live page to see the list of your listeners. You can click on a listener's profile to check their profile page (view their likes, who they're following, and their podcast, if they have one). You can also block the listener, which means they will no longer be able to call in or comment in this live stream.

13. After you finish your live show, click the End button on the top left corner of the Live page, then confirm by clicking “Yes” on the pop-up window to end the live show.

14. After ending your live show, you will see a pop-up window that shows the general statistics from your live show, including its duration, the number of PodPoints earned, number of participants and new followers.

15. If you want to get the recording of the live show, you can click the Actions button on the Live Shows page, then click the Get Recording button. You will get two options: “Publish Episode” or “Download Recording”. The “Publish Episode” option will take you directly to your Podbean publishing page to create an episode from the current recording. If you are not hosting your podcast on Podbean or wish to edit your recording or save a copy, choose the download option. You will get the recording as an MP3 file.