1. Log in to your Podbean account-->Click Live Stream on the left sidebar. If your landing page is the dashboard after log in, you may click your profile icon on the top right corner-->then click the “Live Stream” option and “New Live Show”.

2. Fill in the live show info. At the bottom of the page, click Start Now to start a show right away or choose the schedule option to schedule a show for a future time.

Note, 120 minutes is the maximum time for a livestream. After 120 minutes, the livestream will be stopped by our system.

3. Click the Start button to activate your live show. When you see “On Air”, your livestream has started.

4. Click the “Guests & Call-Ins” section to invite any co-hosts or guests. Four slots are available for calling in. 

            Learn more about Inviting Co-hosts/Guests

5. Click the Audio Effects button to add various audio effects, click the Music button to add background music.

            Learn more about Adding Audio Effects & Background Music


6. Click the text box and emojis icon to send text messages and emojis to listeners. 

7. Under “Contribution List” on the left, you can see the Engagement Score and PodPoints you’ve earned on the live show. Under “Listeners”, you can click on a listener's profile to check their profile page, add them as admins or block them. 

8. Click the red End button on the top left to end the live show.

9. You can turn your livestream into a podcast episode or otherwise repurpose the recording. Click the Actions button-->Get Recording button.