To publish an audio or video podcast, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to, then click on "Login" link at the top. You will be asked to login to your Podbean account and then taken to your dashboard.

Step 2: Go to "My Podcast" page , and click the “Publish” button. Then, you can click on “Choose File to Upload” to upload your media file (see supported file types). Alternatively, you can use a media file already uploaded to your account (“Select from Account”) or publish text-only (for show notes with no audio or video content).

 publish podcast

Step 3: In the publish screen, you will see your newly uploaded file under “file name”. You can now write the episode title, add an image (your channel logo will be the default if you do not upload one) and write the show notes/description in the editor. You can also choose if this will be free or premium content here.

Step 4: Once completed, click the blue “Publish” button at the bottom. Click the right arrow for other options: you can“Save as Draft” if yo
u are not ready to publish or select “Publish on” to schedule the podcast for a different time/date.