With the PodAds dynamic ad insertion service, you can now make more efficient use of advertising revenue and more easily manage your ads. Here’s how to use PodAds:

1. Go to Your PodAds Dashboard

2. Create Ad Campaigns

3. Set Ad Insertion Time Slots

4. View Your Advertising Stats

5. Manage Your PodAds Campaigns

1. Go to Your PodAds Dashboard

At the bottom-left of your podcast dashboard, here's the entrance to Ad management. You can see "Use Podbean Dynamic Ad Insertion" listed as one of the advertising options. Click the "Manage" button to enter your PodAds dashboard.

2. Create Ad Campaign


Click the Create Campaign button to get started! First, set up the basic information for your campaign. You can fill in your campaign name, start time and end time.

*Please kindly note that the system needs 24 hours to prepare the ads and insert them into your podcast.

Select the targeted geographies. You can run ads worldwide or select particular countries or U.S. states.

Select ads positions and upload ad audio files. You can pick where your ad gets inserted: pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll.

Select podcasts and episodes. You can decide which podcasts and podcast episodes get the ads.

Publish your campaign or save as a draft. Once you’ve filled out your campaign information, you can either publish your campaign to go live at your set start date or save it as a draft to come back and edit later. You can also go back and edit your live campaign at any point before the end date.

*If this is the first campaign you create, don't forget to authorize your payment. You will be charged a $1 CPM rate, on actual ads served up. We will charge your payment method when charges reach $20 or when a campaign is removed/cancelled.

3. Set Ad Insertion Time Slots

Click on the “Set Ad Time Slots” button to manually set/edit ad time slots.

*The default setting for pre and post-roll slots is before and after the podcast content. If no mid-roll timestamp is chosen, ads will be inserted at a Smart PodAds Point (SPP) that our system selects. We recommend manually selecting your mid-roll time slot for the best results.

You can set ad slot timestamps on episodes individually or by batch.

Set Ad Time Slots to A Single Episode: Click the episode title and there will be a pop-up window for you to set the ad time slot.

 Click the episode title 


Set ad time slots in the pop-up window 

Batch Set Ad Time Slots: Select multiple episodes to batch set the ad time slots or batch delete. 

Once your ad slots are set, the exact timestamp will be displayed on the “Set Ad Time Slots” page.



For more info about Setting Ad Time Slots for Your Podcast, please click here.

4. View Your Advertising Stats

Once your campaign is up and running, you will be able to view your ad stats in your PodAds dashboard. Just click “Action” button and select “View Stats” from the dropdown menu.

From there, track your ad impressions by position or in total. You can also export the report as a CSV file.

5. Manage Your PodAds Campaigns

You can edit your campaign at any point before the end date (including changing the end date to be sooner or later than originally set).  

Edit your PodAds campaign.  Start at your PodAds dashboard, click “Action”, and select “Edit Campaign.”

From there, you can change the name, the start and end dates, the locations targeted, what audio is used, and the podcasts running the ads.

Cancel your PodAds campaign.  To cancel your campaign, click “Action” and select “Cancel” from the drop-down menu.

From there, you will be asked to confirm your decision to cancel. Canceling your campaign cannot be undone, and the campaign must be recreated if you want to run it again.