With Podbean Ads Marketplace, advertisers can discover and run ads on your podcast, tapping into the power of podcast advertising. Here’s how to run ads on your podcast and sign up for our Ads Marketplace.

1. Join Ads Marketplace

2. Set Ad Time Slots  

3. Add a PayPal Account to Receive Payments

4. Manage Ads

5. View Advertising Stats

1. Join Ad Marketplace

Step 1: Sign into your account at https://sponsorship.podbean.com/podcasters, go to the Settings page where lists your public podcasts. Click on the button Join Ads Marketplace to get ad opportunities.

Podcasters have the option to enable 2 different types of ads: Programmatic ads and Host-read ads. Click here to learn more about these 2 different types of ads.


Step 2: Scrolling down the Settings page, you can also see the section Manage Potentially Sensitive Ad Categories. You can opt in or opt out from the listed categories. Ads in opt-out categories won’t run on your podcasts.

Check the categories to opt in; Uncheck the categories to opt out.

2. Set Ad Time Slots

After joining the ad marketplace, you need to set the ad time slots for your podcast. As default, Auto Ad Time Slots is on. Podbean will find the appropriate time slots for your episodes in the podcast automatically.

If you prefer other ad placements or want to adjust the placements for some episodes, you may turn off Auto Ad Time Slots and manually set them. On the Settings page, click the “Manage” dropdown menu to the right of your podcast --> Click "Set Time Slots" --> Toggle off "Auto Ad Time Slots". 

For detailed info about how to view and set ad time slots, please refer to Setting Ad Time Slots for Your Podcast.

3. Submit your PayPal Account and the Tax Form to Receive Payments

To receive your ad payments, don't forget to go to the Payments page to fill in your PayPal payout account and submit the tax form. The month’s ad payments balance will be paid out on the 15th of the following month. The minimum payout amount is $10.

4. Manage Ads

Manage programmatic ads

Once ads start to run on your podcast, you will be able to view the ads info including advertiser domain, ad position, creative specs, and listen to the ads on the Programmatic Ads page.

Ads that match your category preference are approved to run on your podcast by default. You have the option to reject ads from individual advertisers. Ads from the rejected advertisers won’t run on your podcast.

*The feature for podcasters to view and manage host-read ads will be available soon.

5. View Advertising Stats

Once the campaign is running, you will see how much you’ve earned and the ad impressions. Go to the Dashboard page to view the detailed information about how the ads were served in your podcast.

Click here to view more info about Podcast Advertising Stats.