Publishing episodes includes uploading media files, setting episodes logos and editing episode description. You can also edit or delete episodes. If you want to find different ways to upload files and promote your episodes, please refer to the advanced articles.

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Publish a Podcast Episode

To publish an audio or video podcast:

  1. Log into the dashboard, and click the "Episodes" -> "Episode List" -> "New Episode" button.

  2. Choose a file to upload for your podcast. 

  3. Edit the episode title, episode description and upload the episode logo if you wish.

  4. Click “Publish Now” to release the episode (or schedule/save draft).

You can upload a new episode image by clicking on the "Choose new image" button or select an image from "Media Manager" by clicking the inverted triangle for the drop-down menu of the files.

If you do not choose an episode image, your channel logo is used as the default. 

Edit an Episode

If you want to change the media file, update the episode logo or edit the episode description, you just need to:

  1. Go to the "Episodes" -> "Episode List" page in your Podbean account. 

  2. Click the episode title to edit it.

Delete an Episode

  1. Go to the "Episodes" -> "Episode List" page in your Podbean account.

  2. Select the episode you want to delete, and click "Delete" to delete the episode.

Advanced Articles

To schedule the time and day for your episode to publish, click here.

To learn how to save your episode as a draft, click here.

To upload files to your account using FTP, click here.

To import files from Dropbox to your Podbean account, click here.

To auto-share Podbean podcasts to social networks, click here.

To edit the audio files via the Podbean IOS App, click here

To edit the audio files via the Podbean Android App, click here