This guide will walk you through four steps to set up your Podbean account. Follow the instructions to set up your basic podcast information, publish an episode, select a podcast site theme and then the next steps from there.

To get started with your podcast, click the titles below to get more details:

Set Your Basic Podcast Information

The first thing to do is set your podcast title, logo, category, and briefly describe what your podcast is about.

  1. Log into your Podbean account, click the “Settings” icon.

  2. In the "Settings"->"General" page, edit the Podcast Title, Podcast Category, and Brief description sections. 

  3. Upload your podcast logo. (Please note, you must upload your own custom artwork to submit to Apple Podcasts. See your settings page and our FAQ on submitting to Apple for more details about logo specs.)

  4. Click “Update Options” to save your changes.

Publish an Episode

To publish an audio or video podcast:

  1. Go to the "Episodes"->"Episodes List" page, and click the “New Episode” button.

  2. Click Choose a file to upload to upload your file for your podcast. You can also click Select from Account to upload a file that’s already in your Media Manager.

  3. Edit the episode title, episode description and upload episode artwork if you wish.

  4. Click “Publish” to release the episode (or schedule/save draft).

Select a Podcast Site Theme

  1. Click on "Distribution" → "Podcast Website" to view different theme options.

  2. Click on the "Customize" button. You can customize many things on the layout such as header image, theme color and more.

  3. Click “Save Now” to save your changes.



Next Steps

Make sure to join us for our Podbean 101 webinar (and webinars on many other topics to help make your podcast successful):

To learn more about your podcast feed and submit to Apple Podcasts (iTunes), click here.

For information on submitting to other directories and apps, check out our big guide, “Submit Your Podcast to Podcast Directories”.

To share your podcast to social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, click here.

To view your podcast statistics, click here.


To set your own domain for your Podbean podcast site, click here.


To embed your podcast on your other sites, click here.


For a more detailed overview on Podbean's features, please visit our  Support Center for tutorial videos and FAQs (divided by categories, or use the search bar to look for your topic). You can also follow the Podbean blog for the latest news and education about podcasting.


If you are having trouble with your podcast/site, please contact support