Podbean's Ads Marketplace enables you to monetize your podcast with host-read ads, where you record an ad in your own voice and possibly endorse products/services. These ads pay higher CPM than programmatic ads, so you earn more money. Podbean facilitates communication with advertisers and arranges product/service access for endorsement. Note that during host-read ad contracts, you may need to exclude competitor products/services.

Here’s how to enable host-read ads on your podcasts.
Note that host-read ads are available to podcasts with over 10,000 monthly downloads.

  1. Firstly, you will need to join Podbean’s Ads Marketplace and log in using your Podbean account.

  2. In the top bar, click Settings. This page will list your public podcasts.

  3. Under the Actions header, click Manage

  4. Click Activate Ad Types. Podcasters have the option to enable two different types of ads: Programmatic ads and host-read ads. 

  5. To enable host-read ads, click the slider to ON.

  6. Click Save

You have now made your podcast available to advertisers for host-read ad opportunities on Podbean Ads Marketplace.

Learn how to opt into various ad opportunities and manage ads on your podcasts by clicking the links below.