Podbean's podcast promotion campaign lets you advertise your podcast on other shows, reaching a wider audience and boosting its visibility.

If you’re looking to...

⩥ Promote your podcast and now using Podbean as your hosting platform, this guide is for you. Keep reading for helpful advice.

⩥ Promote your podcast but NOT currently using Podbean as your hosting platform, we recommend claiming your podcast on Podbean to run ad campaigns. Learn more by clicking here.

⩥ Advertise your brand or business, click here to find out more.

Navigate to the Ad Campaign Management page

Log into your podcast dashboard. Click "Ad Management", then find "Promote your podcast by advertising on other podcasts" -> Click "Get Started” (or "Manage" if you've created campaigns before) to go to the Campaign Management page.

Create a podcast promotion campaign

Get started with a click on Create Campaign.

Step 1. Enter basic campaign info

Provide the basics such as a campaign name and if your ad content involves any sensitive categories.

Step 2. Set up your campaign

  • Tartget audience 
    Decide who gets your ads by targeting locations and podcast categories.
  • Set ads 
    Choose your preferred ad positions (pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll). Upload your own ad audio, or provide a script and Podbean will create a professionally recorded spot with your ad copy.
  • Set Budget & Scheduling 
    Set how much to spend, when your ads run, and how your ads will be delivered.


  • Note the estimated impressions based on your budget and CPM. Adjust the settings accordingly.
  • Frequency cap decides how often an individual user will see your ad within a certain period of time. Customize the frequency cap to avoid overexposing the ad to the same audiences.
  • Choose the campaign pacing as you need. You can opt for either accelerated (running ads as quickly as possible) or even pacing (running ads evenly throughout the campaign period).

Step 3. Select the podcasts

At this step, we list the podcasts that best match your targeted locations and podcast categories. Check their detailed info, download stats and listen to their episodes. Then select the podcasts with the most potential audience to run your campaign. 


  • Suggestions of adding podcasts or raising budget are given based on your targeted impressions and downloads of selected podcasts. Adjust them if needed.

When you have set everything, click "Save & Submit"! If it's the first campaign you create, don't forget to authorize your payment. Our team will then review your campaign and have it ready to go within 2 working days. 

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