Podbean's Ads Marketplace allows podcasters to opt into programmatic and host-read ads. All Podbean-hosted podcasts can join for free and earn money through programmatic and host-read ads.

Here’s how to join Podbean’s Ads Marketplace. 

  1. Log into your podcast dashboard. Expand the menu Monetization and click on Ad Management. Now you can see "Make money by joining Podbean's Ads Marketplace" listed as one of the advertising options. Click the "Learn Morebutton

  2. Welcome to Podbean Ads Marketplace! Go ahead to click Get Started Now. Now you should see the Settings page that lists your podcasts. Click the blue Join Ads Marketplace button for your podcasts that you’d like to join Podbean Ads Marketplace, opting in programmatic and host-read ad opportunities.

Learn about different ad types, managing ads on your podcasts, and more by clicking the links below.